Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hidde M – Rock It Now

Hidde M Rock It Now Dance Through Life
Been trying to blog about this one all week, and failing… because there are no fewer than 11 mixes, and by the time you get to number 9 or 10 you've forgotten what the first one was like, and so it goes on. The positive aspect of all that round-in-circles-ness, though, is that at the start of the week I wasn't into the Underworld-ish vocal at all – but after a week of hearing it every day, I rather like it…

So, the Original here is an upbeat, driving and chunky groover with something of an indie-dance feel, and with said vocal ("I left you all alone, to build a rocket now") in full effect. And then, of course, you get 10 mixes to choose from, so it's hard to imagine many jocks operating in the house/tech-house arena not finding something to play. For me it's a toss-up between the ultra-deep rub from Bryan Cosgrove or  the bubblin' acid of the Love Barve Remix for first place, with Pao Calderon's brace of disco-tinged reworks and Jonathan Stomr's bass-heavy, rave-y take also very playable. But elsewhere there's deep prog from Kertek, tribal drum biznis from Victor Saguanza and more besides… with every mix bar Pao C's Dub featuring the vocal to a greater or lesser degree (often in heavily treated form).

Usually when a label chucks this many mixes at something it means one of two things: they either have lots of faith in the track, or not very much at all. In this case it should be the former cos it is something of a biggie, truth be told. Rock it now indeed.

Out: This week

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