Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Alex Over – 24 Steps

Alex Over 24 Steps Over Recordings
The title here refers to the fact that Alex Over is just 24 years old. Despite such tender years, he's managed to craft some truly forward-thinking grooves here, aided and abetted by a strong remix line-up.

In its Original form, 24 Steps is an experimental-sounding piece of electronic music that's more about sound design than songwriting, if you see what I mean. As such it'll reward those who enjoy a more challenging listen, but for this reviewer it's all about the more floor-friendly remixes. Josh Butler's rub is a heads-down, techno-tinged workout with bags of bass and fractured percussion, Michael Scott takes us into moody, cinematic deep house territory, while my boy Owen Howells (Shades Of Grey) ups the weird n' wonky factor, as is his wont. But the standout for me is Al Bradley's 3AM Deep Remix, which really doesn't need much explaining!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Alex's own Over Recordings, and is number four from the label. Here's the usual website, Facebook and Soundcloud links.

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