Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Joe Europe – Idiot Box EP

Joe Europe Idiot Box EP Falk Recordings
And there's MORE deep, atmospheric bizniss here courtesy of Falk Recordings, who can always be relied on for some very deep house vibes on a more leftfield tip.

And so it is here. Idiot Box itself tops off a mellow, dreamy, almost Balearic groove with what sound like extended chunks of movie dialogue (some guy telling some girl how perfect she is… just thought I should mention that for indentification purposes). Into The Woods goes down the dubby route with some gentle acid thrown in for good measure, and then finally there's Space Head, which is a little more overtly dancefloor and uptempo, though even then you'd still be looking at warm-up/afterhours play on specialist floors only.

Into The Woods stands out for me but generally speaking, if "very deep house vibes on a more leftfield tip" sounds like they might appeal, then this will for sure.

Out: This week

About: I've just realised that Falk Recordings are based just down the road from TIWWD – in Bath, to be precise. So, erm, hello neighbours! Anyway, you can find them on Soundcloud or at their own website, or on Facebook.

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