Sunday, 5 August 2012

Francesco Tarantini – Come Back EP

Francesco Tarantini Come Back EP Nite Grooves
And finally for tonight… we've used the word 'garage-y' several times in the past couple of reviews so how about some of the real deal? If you head straight for Come Back (presented here in its Tribute To KC Mix, the Original having featured on the Miami 2012 EP a few months back) that's exactly what you'll get, proving the classic sound of New Jersey isn't dead and buried quite yet!

Come Back is the standout for me, and the one out-and-out garage gem, but it would be fair to say the NJ influences are in fact writ large across the EP's seven tracks generally… even as the Italian producer explores various shades of deep house music, from the soulful and jazzy to the techy and jackin', and proves himself equally adept at all of them.

The jazz-flavoured I Was and the sparse, twitchy heads' treat that is El Coche are two more highlights, but really picking individual tracks is superfluous. What you need to know about this EP is that: a. it shows Tarantini is 100% on top of his game right now, and b. you seriously need to check it out.

Out: This week (everywhere, that is… it's actually been on Traxsource a couple of weeks but I was busy then)

About: This comes on Nite Grooves, part of the King Street stable as you know, so here's a label link you've probably clicked before…

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