Thursday, 23 August 2012

This Is Why We Dance is leaving you now…

Right, I'm off to Shambala now so won't be updating for a few days. But were I NOT in a field, prancing (in the immortal words of Jake The Poacher) like a tit, these are the records I'd have been telling you about…

Colin Sales & S.U.Z.Y – All About The Love (CSD Recordings)
Craig Stewart – Blue Straggle (DCS Trax)
Eric D – Overdrive (Manchester Underground Music)
Fabier – Gaurix (Southpark Records)
Frank Martin – Feelin' Good (Sounds Of Juan)
Jazzforfish – Nothing From Nowhere EP (The Bodhi Tree)
Jet Project – So Fly album sampler (Snatch!)
Mastercris – My Pleasure EP (Acryl Music)
Mat.Joe – Heart To Find EP (OFF Recordings)
Angelo Fracalanza – Keep Walking (Miami Sessions)
Micc – The Mild EP (Endemic Digital)
Mojito feat MJ White – I Wanna Rock You (Sugar Groove)
MPRT – From The Rare Lands (Par Recordings)
Myles Bigelow – Flite Sessions EP (Deep Culture Music)
Never Knows feat Kevin Knapp – Untitled 24 (Untitled & After)
Previous Experts – Always Cut, Never Boost (Influential House)
Retrac – Shades EP (Indigo Raw)
Seyser Uysal presents Spennu – Je Te Veux (Savoir Faire Musique)
Shades Of Gray – Listen To The Bass EP (Blacksoul Music)
Speak Deep & Joy Lee – Existentialism (Nite Grooves)
Sunshine Jones – Dirty Love [Remixes] (Nite Grooves)
Taster Peter & Phunx – All I Want Is EP (Clash Music)

Expect the usual TIWWD mix of deep, tech and soulful house, deep techno, nu-disco, etc… beyond that I'm afraid you'll just have to do a bit of Googling but suffice to say there should be enough gems in there to keep DJs of various persuasions busy till I get back.

Be good while I'm away, won't you? And remember: don't let anyone in, and don't touch the cooker!

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