Saturday, 11 August 2012

ALBUM Soul Sway/Various – Moods Vol One

Soul Sway Moods Vol One Savoir Faire Musique
I've been banging on about how good Savoir Faire Musique are for ages. Precisely a year, in fact. And now they're celebrating their first birthday with their very first mix album, compiled and mixed by label stalwart Soul Sway, so if you've still to get onboard the SFM groovy train you've no excuses any more!

The album features ten tracks culled from SFM's first year in the game, and is available in both mixed and unmixed versions. Artists include Stanny Abram, Tony S, Pretty Criminals, Matthieu Duchesne, Soul Sway himself and more, and as most if not all of these tracks have been reviewed on TIWWD in their own right previously, you should have a pretty good idea what to expect by now!

If you've just come in, though, then suffice to say deep, sultry house music for grown-ups is the general order of the day. That's not to suggest any lack of energy, just that if your floor's full of 18-year-olds hyped up on alcopops and/or zonked on horse tranquillisers, these aren't the tunes to reach for. But if classy, sensual grooves, often with a soulful/garage bent but with the odd excursion into techier territories are what you're after, then few do it better than Savoir Faire. Here's the proof.

Out: This week

About: You can find out more about Savoir Faire Musique by hitting up their Soundcloud or Facebook pages.

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