Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ruben F – On The Dancefloor

Ruben F On The Dancefloor 3am Recordings
Something of a 'usual suspects' feel to the blog tonight, with three labels representing who get a LOT of TIWWD love I know, but when they keep putting out records as good as these what's a boy to do?*

So this one, then, comes on Al Bradley's 3am and features three mixes of Groovin' plus bonus cut The Man Machine. Groovin' starts life as a garage-y organ groove, gets a slightly more contemporary-sounding refix from Poussez Vs Toast Burglars (!) that features elements of both tech-house and nu-disco, then on the Terry Vernixx High Desert Remix becomes a more percussive affair that'd be suited to terrace play, but without losing the deep/soulful timbre of the original. The Man Machine rounds out the EP on a deeper techy tip, with disembodied sample speech and a simple nagging organ/synth riff.

And between 'em, any DJ who plays deep house should find at least something to spin here.

Out: This week

About: You can find 3am Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.

*Actually I think you're supposed to build 'em up for six months then knock 'em down to make yourself look 'clever' and 'cool', that seems to be what a lot of dance music magazines/blog/etc take great delight in doing… but I've never played that. Never felt the need…

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