Thursday, 2 August 2012

Jeromy Nail – Nothing's True

Jeromy Nail Nothing's True Hype & Soul
A new label straight outta Reno, Nevada here… this is only the second release from Hype & Soul Recordings, and comes from Jeromy Nail, who's a new name to me but who I'm assured is quite a respected circuit DJ in the northwestern states of the USA.

In total you get three mixes of Nothing's True itself, plus three of GTFO. I've got to say the latter cut, while not terrible by any means, suffers a little from 'too many ideas in one track' syndrome to these ears… and the Afro-chant vox and tribal rhythms don't help, me not being the biggest fan of Afro-style vibes generally. But Nothing's True is certainly worth your time and money, a classy uptempo deep houser with a little disco glam sprinkled on top in its original form and coming complete with both a more twisted, spaced-out Hanssen Remix, and a down n' funky rework from Mobius Strum.

Despite some slight reservations about GTFO, then, this is a strong early offering from both producer and label. So check it for yourself!

Out: This week

About: Here's the obligatory links so you can find out more about both Hype & Soul Recordings and Jeromy Nail.

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