Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Various – Inner Circles Vol 2

Inner Circles Vol 2 Lower East
A compilation/showcase offering here from London's uber-cool Lower East label, with ten tracks split across two separate EP releases.

I'm not going into every track individually but the artists involved are (deep breath): Michael Jansons, Cozzy D, Lee Brinx, Johnny Mikes, Alexis Raphael, Rebel, Viadrina, Le Vinyl & Gelabert feat Sacha D Flame, Tom Budden and Subsonik – some of which names will be familiar to TIWWD readers, some of which will be new. And I think it's fair to say overall that if you took ten artists to one side and said, paint me a picture of the hipster house sound of London right now, it'd probably sound much like this.

Fusing influences from deep and tech house, techno and (in several places, anyway) R&B and UK garage, this is so 'now' it hurts but there are certainly gems to be discovered, such as the ominous disco-tech of Budden's All I Know, Le Vinyl & Gelabert's jackin' Make It, Cozzy D's UKG-ish wobbler Bullseye or the bumpin' nu-boogie of Jansons' I Know You're Feeling OK.

So discover them, why don't you?

Out: This week

About: You can find Lower East on Soundcloud, on Facebook or their website, though again they haven't actually built the latter yet*. Still.

* Judging by the various artists' haircut (singular) maybe it's a fashion thing… is not having a website the new having a website or something? I wouldn't know, I'm old. I remember when it was all ZX81s and calculator watches round 'ere…

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