Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Universal Language – Hailstrom

Universal Language Hailstrom Etoka Records
Liverpool's Etoka Records used to feature on this blog a lot, then I didn't hear from them for a while… not sure if they took a break or what, but the good news is this is one of a couple of new Etoka releases to land lately so either way we seem to be back on course.

Which IS good news, because Etoka's stock-in-trade has always been very deep house of the highest calibre, and this two-tracker from Universal Language, who answers to Laszlo in real life, doesn't disappoint. Hailstrom itself is a slow, meandering affair with slightly proggy overtones while Journey Inside goes even deeper, being exactly the kind of smoothly textured, late-night ride into inner space that you'd want it to be.

If you like it seriously deep, you're gonna love this. Outstanding.

Out: This week

About: You can find Etoka Records at their website or on Soundcloud.

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