Monday, 15 October 2012

So many tunes, so little time 30

It's been a while since I did one of these but you know the deal… the best of the rest of last week's releases…

Afrika Bambaataa is up first, or rather Sam Dungate is, who turns in a cheeky bootleg of Just Get Up And Dance (which for me will always be Bassheads's Is There Anybody Out There?, sorry if that makes me really uncool) on the ever mysterious 'CDR' label… hee hee… Acryl boss Da Funk AKA Daniel Kneubühler sent me a cool deep house cut called The Hunter which is his contribution to an EP called Selekt on Russian label Highway Records, no idea what the rest of the EP's like mind… David Garfit's Tonight for Nocturnal Recordings is in a considerably less brash, full-on vein of disco-house/nu-disco than some of the label's output, and all the better for it – remixes come from Nathan Swiss and Will Crawshaw… Spanish duo Falomir! & Eres bring us Let The Music, which comes on Factomania in five mixes ranging from very now-sounding deep/tech house with soulful vocals to the more heads-down and driving… Gareth Bilaney's Enchanted Breath is one that really deserved a bigger review, being typically high-quality deep house fare from UM Records, complete with an Alvaro Hylander Remix… Jazzy Eyewear's This Time, on his own So Sound Recordings, is smooth, house-y disco-pop in the Om tradition, with just the one mix on offer… Jesus Pablo's A Story For You also would've got a bigger review ideally, but something had to give and the man's had a lot of love on here lately, suffice to say though this EP sees him hooking up with Savoir Faire Musique and all three tracks are well up to the high standards we expect from both the producer and the label! Now let's take a paragraph break.

That's better. Right then, some tougher tech-house comes on John Henry Records courtesy of Linus K & Martin Ace, who give us Coimbra, which comes complete with a Zoo Brazil Remix and which is quite carnival-esque, though this time in the Rio not the oompah-loompahs at the funfair sense… taking us tougher and harder still, MCJ's Kombat EP is essentially an out-and-out techno record and I don't review a lot of them – get sent bloody loads – but this one from Remain Records stands out for its sheer dark, compelling energy… techno legends Octave One meanwhile are exploring far poppier territory with New Life on their own 430 West Records, a vocal cut that's okay but no Blackwater to be honest, though I'd give the Different Worlds Instrumental a spin… we move back into deep house waters with Source Of Soul's Days on Unrivaled Music, which comes in no fewer than eight mixes, Peter O, Feft and Dexter Ford all turning in particularly serviceable rubs… the big news for the disco beards will be Sulli & 5657 feat The Skatt Bros' Walk The Night, a rework of said Bros' (“viewed as Canada's straight answer to America's Village People,” says Discogs) uber-kitschy disco/glam-rock stomper of the same name from 1979, this being but the third release from new Nevada-based label HypeNSoul… while finally for this round-up, Viadrian's Cellar Door EP on Lower East packs three cuts in an experimental deep/tech vein, complete with those pitched-down/timestretched vocals that are so popular right now, making this one that the young hipsters in skinny jeans and silly haircuts will lap up.

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