Thursday, 25 October 2012

Stefan Kaye – Stav's Mission To Kilimanjaro

Stav's Greatest Adventure
Okay listen carefully peeps cos this gets a bit confusing but it's important!

Stefan Kaye, a very familiar name to TIWWD readers, has a cousin called Stav. Stav's climbing a big fuck-off mountain in Africa this coming February, and hopes to raise £10K for leukaemia charities by doing so. Endemic boss Wes Saunders' brother tragically died from leukaemi aged just 24 in 2008.

So, Stefan's made this very cool deep, proggy, tribal groover and Wes is putting out on Endemic Digital… as a thank-you to anyone making a donation to this very worthy cause. Having lost both parents and very nearly one extremely precious niece to cancer myself, I'd like to encourage you to do that, please! Here's what you do:

Note that as well as getting this track you'll also get a copy of Stefan's album, and that's got to be worth £5 or £10 of anyone's money (or whatever you can afford).

That is all.

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