Saturday, 13 October 2012

Kiko & Mihalis Safras – Mentos EP

Kiko & Mihalis Safras Mentos EP Great Stuff
And we stay on the tougher side with this latest from Munich stalwarts Great Stuff, the result of a team-up by two producers who are no strangers to this blog individually.

It's a simple two-track affair. Mentos starts with near-tribal percussion before a big synth/organ riff (it actually sounds a bit like a Wurlitzer, though I'm pretty sure it isn't) emerges out of the background to be topped off with distorted vocal snatches, the overall effect being somewhat akin to being chased around a Scooby Doo haunted fairground ride while on FAR too many stimulants. On the B, Back'N Trax ain't nothing but an endlessly building, pulsing, pushing groove… definite echoes of vintage Belgian techno on this one, and something of a druggy, nu-NRGish feel as well.

Two very solid peaktime cuts for the floors that like it a notch or three tougher.

Out: This week

About: You can find Great Stuff Music at their own website.

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