Saturday, 27 October 2012

Andy Lee – What About Us

Andy Lee What About Us Seamless Deep
If I had to describe the house sound of now (I'm not sure how that might come about, because in my actual real everyday life people are generally telling me to shut up about house music, not asking questions about it. But IF) then phrases like 'cavernous production', 'big synth riffs', 'chunky midtempo beats' and, perhaps most of all, 'heavily treated/downpitched white male vocals' would feature heavily.

That east London/Berlin deep/tech sound so beloved of skinny-jeaned hipsters, in other words. Music bought by kids who think house music began with Huxley, Solomun and Maya Jane. There's a LOT of it about, but to be honest it's a sound I can take or leave a lot of the time… so often, there's too much smart-arse studio trickery and not enough in the way of actual soul.

Well, THIS record is very much in the vein mentioned above, but the latter doesn't apply… this one's dripping with soul and I'm loving it. Which suggests, to me, that it must be really a very good record indeed. Ha!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Seamless Deep.

And by the way, just to clear: I wasn't dissing Huxley, Solomun or Maya Jane there! Fine producers all of them. It's their 1001 imitators I get a bit bored of sometimes…

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