Sunday, 14 October 2012

Antonio Olivieri – Rudiments EP

Antonio Olivieri Rudiments EP Steyoyoke
Okay here's what we're gonna do… tomorrow I'll do this week's round-up and bring you up to speed on a few other bits n' bobs that have gotten overlooked lately as well. But this is your last one for tonight.

Coming on relatively new Berlin label Steyoyoke (they of the rather fine podcasts), it's a three-track affair that'll please those who like their house deep n' bleepy with a tech-y edge. That's the basic blueprint right there: the title track adds a spoken/poetic male vocal, Tiny Nut with its sampled rain sounds n' FX is a touch more late-night and atmospheric while Minna heads down a warmer, proggier path.

But deep n' bleepy house with a tech-y edge will do as an overall description. And that's how we likes it round these 'ere parts, innit?

Out: This week

About: You can find Steyoyoke on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website. Funny, I'm sure I've said that before…

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