Saturday, 6 October 2012

Jonny Buzz – Piano Poker

Jonny Buzz Piano Poker Influential House
Gonna try and be quick with a few things today, so with this one we'll cut straight to the chase. The Ace and Diamond mixes of Piano Poker are two perfectly playable slices of unpretentious, uptempo, uplifting good-time Saturday night house music which you'll recognise on the floor from the treated female "come on closer, take me under" vocal and, of course, the liberal sprinkling of old-skool pianos.

But the killer here is the the King Buzz Dub, which takes us properly back the old skool with firing Awesome 3-esque near-breakbeat percussion and a hefty vocal lift from DSK's uber-classic What Would We Do?. To say "It's not clever, but it is big" has become a bit of a dance music cliché, so instead I'll just say this isn't clever… but it is FUCKING MASSIVE.

And that's swearing. Play loud.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Influential House, who you can find mostly on Facebook.

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