Sunday, 28 October 2012

Byssus & White Perception – So What EP?

Byssus White Perception Dance Through Life
Some superb heads-down grooves from the deeper and techier ends of the house spectrum here, courtesy of NYC label Dance Through Life.

It's another of those pesky split affairs, with two tracks from Byssus and two from White Perception. The latter provides the title cut, a bubblin' terrace-friendly techno cut with tribalistic percussion, and Panic Room, another techno-fied drummy workout, this time topped with atmospheric FX galore for a darker, more sinister ride. From Byssus, meanwhile, we get Deep Lake, an almost archetypal deep house dancefloor stomper with some great orchestral strings rising and falling throughout and a squelchy, slightly acid-y lead synth, and Never Give In, a more funky/garage-y deep house jam to start out that acquires something of a prog accent as it goes on.

But never mind picking the tunes apart sound-by-sound, all you need to know is that all four will rock the proper underground floors for sure.

Out: This week

About: You can find Dance Through Life on Facebook and Soundcloud; you can currently HEAR THIS at the latter.

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