Sunday, 14 October 2012

Roman Stange & Craig Kuna – You'll House Me?

Roman Stange & Craig Kuna You'll House Me? Handmade Recordings
Well I dunno, you wait ages for a house producer called Roman and then two come along at once! This one's a Mr Stange from San Francisco, and together with his associated Mr Kuna, he's best known internationally for remixes on Dirtybird. Here, though, the pair serve up a simple two-tracker for newbie (this is number seven) SF label Handmade Recordings. And it's a bit of a cracker, truth be told.

In its Original form, You'll House Me? is in fact one of the most innovative/interesting house tracks I've heard all week, if not longer, because it starts out with a weird-y reversed intro that the mighty Hawkwind themselves would be proud of. But then a 4/4 kick emerges out of the sonic freakery, soon to be joined by retro Rhodes stabs, militant Chi-town snares and, eventually, male scat vox and 'house!' shouts. It's a proper trip into the 4am head-gone-astray deep jackin' zone and no mistake, guv.

Over on the B, meanwhile, you'll find a very different Franklin De Costa mix, which largely ditches the psychedelic elements in favour of a more energetic, drummy vibe. Although there is an extended horror-organ breakdown towards the end just in case it was all getting all a bit too normal for ya!

It's the Original that does it best for me, though – ears will prick up when you drop this one for sure.

Out: This week

About: You can find Handmade Recordings – yeah you guessed it, altogether now – on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

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