Thursday, 18 October 2012

Keydin – Remember

Keydin Remember Sideways Recordings
The latest from Sideways Recordings here, coming from a producer who ought to be familiar to TIWWD readers by now, though perhaps mostly as a remixer to date.

There are four mixes of Remember to choose from, covering a range of styles. The original is an uptempo deep/tech house cut, its shuffling beats topped with a technoid synth riff; Daladje's Remix uses near-tribal percussion and could fit into more adventurous sets alongside UK funky and post-dubstep cuts, while Soulsway's rub doesn't actually vary hugely from the Original to these ears (sorry). But the standout for me is the Chris James Rethink, a considerably deeper pass with some very old-skool (think Chicago 1987) drum sounds that also makes more use of the heavily treated vocal snips.

Apart from being Rather Good, this also had to go in because label co-owner Wesley Burden was polite enough to apologise for only getting the promo across one day before release. Which in a world where people send me stuff that came out two weeks before, then wonder why it doesn't get reviewed, certainly made for a refreshing change here in MeWorld.

Out: Tomorrow

About: You can find Kent-based label Sideways Recordings here. And here. And oh look, here as well!

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