Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Feft – Won't Believe EP

Feft Won't Believe EP Unrivaled Music
An outstanding EP from Unrivaled Music here with three tracks, two of which operate in out-and-out garage territory.

That's garage in the proper/old-fashioned sense you understand. Won't Believe itself works some great NJ organ stabs, skippy beats and the tiniest snips of heavily treated male vocal, while Lost is another killer bump n' grind cut in the classic vein, somewhat reminiscent of early outings by labels like Confetti or Ice Cream. Rounding out the EP is Tickle, which is more yer typical Unrivaled-style dancefloor deep house, with tons of rump-shakin' bottom end and a rather rude vocal.

As I said, an outstanding EP, and one that'll go down particularly well with dancers of 'a certain age'…

Out: This week

About: Find Unrivaled Music via the Endemic Digital page on Facebook.

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