Thursday, 18 October 2012

Henri Josh – Sputnik

Henri Josh Sputnik Conya Digital
Seems like a while since we had anything from Conya Digital on here – compared to some labels at any rate! – but here they come again with this two-track, three-mix EP courtesy of Portuguese producer Henri Josh. Is it just me or are there are a LOT of good new producers coming out of Portugal at the moment?

Sleepy Side opens proceedings, a late night deep house journey with slight prog/Balearic leanings and a breakdown in the middle featuring some very nice electric piano doodling. That's accompanied by a Deep Sleep Remix from Pat Lezizmo which tuffens up the beats a notch without losing the original's languid, head-noddin' feel, while rounding out the EP is Lost Feelings, a more twitchy, energetic cut altogether, again with some great keyboard sounds being used.

First I've heard from Henri Josh, but it's promising stuff. Like I said, is it just me or…?

Out: This week

About: Germany's Conya Digital are on Facebook or you can find 'em at the website of parent label Clubstar.

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