Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dubesque – Rebote EP

Dubesque Rebote EP In My House
Some peaktime/big room-friendly but non-cheesy house grooves here courtesy of UK label In My House.

Rebote itself is a tuff but non-dark affair with slammin' kicks, an insistent, brassy main synth hook and a hip-house-style vocal, while Cuidado is a more relaxed and limber groove with a slightly discofied feel and cut-up fem vox. Rounding out the EP is Bonus Tool #2, a 'bonus beats' take on the latter.

Rebote is the one, though – a track that'll let you reach out to more mainstream floors without losing credibility along the way.

Out: This week

About: They don't actually seem to have a website of their own but you can get in contact with In My House via the Soulful Edge Promotions website.

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