Saturday, 20 February 2010

Forensics - Lost In Yaman

That master of all things cinematic and scary in the world of dubstep, Forensics, teams up once more with Indi Kaur, who vocalled the excellent Exile (which was also reviewed on TIWWD, back in August – see here). And once more the results are really quite startlingly good.

This is quite upfront, I believe, so no YouTube vid this time, sorry. But if the deep, dramatic side of dubstep paired with hauntingly beautiful subcontinental female vocals sounds like your kinda thing, check for this!

Out: Who can say?

About: Forensics is actually a very friendly chap called Krystian Taylor. Forward-thinking young man that he is, he's got his own blog where you can download lots of mixes, a MySpace (natch) and also a Virb page, where you can hear this track for yourself.

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