Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sound Diffusion - Enliven Guitar

This curiously-titled offering is the latest from Manchester Underground Music, but the producers are alleged to hail from Eastern Europe, and go by the names of Aleksandar Vidinovski and Darko Spasovski. Whether this is true or whether it's a couple of chancers from Openshaw having a laugh, well, who can say?

No matter, this is quite an interesting release whoever made it, sitting right on that house/techno border. It comes in three mixes: the Original has a funkier kinda feel, the Robot Needs Oil Mix is a little bit techier in a Berlin-ish kinda way and then the Curious George & The Agent Mix adds a little tribal/ethno flavour with its extensive use of hand percussion and, later on, a haunting, ethereal female vocal that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a 4AD record 25 years ago.

Whichever mix you choose, we're looking more at something for use in the mix than at a peaktime killer in its own right… but you can't just play anthem after anthem, can you?

Out: This week

About: Manchester Underground Music is a new-ish label aiming to help promote fresh talent in and around Megacity 0161. You can check out all of the label's releases to date on their YouTube channel, or find 'em on MySpace.

Watch this space for news of the soon-come debut Manchester Underground Music compilation, featuring a host of new artists and producers plus a few better-known names…

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