Saturday, 27 February 2010

DZeta & Basile - Revolution EP

Some slightly tuffer, techier vibes here. Only slightly, mind.

Davide Zeta and Claudio Basile both hail from Italy, but are based in London. Here they serve up three tracks for MN2S imprint 1 Trax, and all three have enough in the way of driving beats and fat-arse basslines to suit a range of deep house, tech house and who knows, maybe even techno floors. Oasi is slightly more housey than the other two, L.y.t.e is a little bit techier and La Revolucion features a smattering of Spanish vox, but that's about all I've got to say - not feeling particularly eloquent today, sorry! It's a good EP, though.

Out: Now (again, since Monday)

About: As stated this is on 1 Trax, and DZeta & Basile themselves I've just told you about. The 1 Trax/MN2S website can be found here.

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