Sunday, 21 February 2010

Summed & Dot - Jazzyman EP

Despite the title, this isn't as jazzual as you might think: there are jazzy touches here and there, and on the lead track Jazzyman itself a "this is jazz, man" vocal sample, but overall the vibe is classic house – the best comparison I can come up with would be early Nervous tracks.

The original of Jazzyman, then, is straight out of the early-mid ’90s, with a wukka-wukked guitar part, raw 4/4s and various random TV samples (I spotted Bill Cosby and Family Guy, any advance?). The Massimo Di Lena Remix comes on like a New York Mix of the same, with its rumbling bottom-end and bursts of near-tribal drums; the confusingly-named Massimo Di Lena Remix (Digital Exclusive) then loses the guitars and brings the percussion to the fore for a slightly more contemporary sound. And finally, Ilass brings the EP to a close with a little more of a rollin' disco flava.

All told, it's solid stuff.

Out: Now

About: This is on All Inn Records, who are based in Romania… and it's only their third release so now's a good time to get on the case! Here's their website and MySpace.

Summed & Dot, meanwhile, are an Italian/Italian-American twosome who answer to the names of Filippo Bologna and John Catalano in real life. They're both 25 and live in Palermo, Italy, where they also run a successful fancy dress hire business. And yes, I made that last bit up.

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