Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Azuni - Here You Come EP

Anyone who follows this blog will know that Drumpoet Community is one of my favourite labels right now, and as long as they keep putting out house music as good as this, that doesn't look like changing any time soon…

Just the two tracks on offer, Here You Come itself and Believe. The former almost approaches a big-room kinda feel in the way it builds from a simple riff that's present throughout, except of course that it's a bit more subdued/subtle than such a description suggests.

It's Believe that's the real killer here, though. Again, a simple riff predominates, a nicely understated little two-note organ motif in this case, with a sampled male vocal (stabs at first, building to full lines of speech) and a hip-swaying rhythm giving the track a real old-skool New Jersey feel. If you loved labels like Movin', Eight Ball and Strobe back in the day, you'll know what I'm talkin' about; a more modern comparison would be the more bumpin', garage-y end of west coast house.

Once again then, sheer quality from DPC. Go seek.

Out: Now

About: Drumpoet Community I've raved a lot about on here, if you've just come in they're based in Zurich and they totally kick booty. Here's their website. Azuni likewise hail from Zurich and apparently they've just had an album out on Sthim Audio which I'm now gonna try and find. Meantime here's their MySpace.

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