Saturday, 27 February 2010

DJ Le Roi feat E-Man - Can I Get

While we're on the subject of MN2S, should also tell you about this team-up from a pretty heavy-hitting twosome, Switzerland's DJ Le Roi (something of an MN2S regular) and New York's E-Man (best known for his Steely Dan cover Caves Of Altimara and of course providing the vocal for Jon Cutler's It's Yours).

Can I Get is another deep house affair, but from that end of deep house that veers into soulful (as opposed to the end that veers into techy, or the end that veers into downtempo/chill-out). Hard to know what else to say about it cos it's its very understated-ness that's it's main selling point, and while the mixes do vary, they vary in a way whose subtle nuances really need to be heard to be appreciated. There's five of 'em, though, and I'd back the Fade-In Mix for dancefloor action, even though I think I slightly prefer the Snub Mix from a listening point of view. All the mixes feature, vocal-wise, just a repeated 'can I get a…' snip and some occasional heavily-treated background vox, buried way down in the mix, that kind of remind me of Tina Moore's Never Gonna Let U Go.

Out: Now (since Monday)

About: This is one of the deepest offerings from the MN2S mothership for a while… and here's the website.

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