Tuesday, 9 February 2010

An early contender for record sleeve of the year

Got sent this today… I THINK it's the sleeve for a new Drop Music sampler, or possibly they just liked the picture… anyway the Drop release is going in iDJ but I wanted to share the cover art with you.

Cos, y'see, if and when I get to heaven, I like to think it will be a cross between a 1970s first-class airline departure lounge, and the on-board bar/club thing on Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. Service will be provided by various Betty Boo and Gina Lollabrigida lookalikes, and I'll be hangin' with Rick James, Peter Tosh and Charles Bukowski. And I reckon this fine piece of artwork has, unwittingly, pretty much captured the spirit of my own personal nirvana. So well done, Notts-based fellas.

Oh yeah and the single is pretty good too, but you'll have to buy iDJ to read about that one…

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