Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Jay Tripwire - A Long Time Ago, From The Future EP

A solid EP from Mr Tripwire here, with a total of seven tracks.

Never Go Back is the main event I guess, seeing as it comes in four mixes. The Main Mix is all deep Chi-town throb with a female voice intoning the title over and over again… from there you can take your pick cos there's an acapella, a No Chords Mix which is essentially the drums and vox, or a Dub that's basically the drums, chords and bassline.

Elsewhere, Dreammashine is a sort of discofied deep number, Motivational Speakers is a late night thing that's so laidback it'd be pretty much an ambient track if it weren't for the drums, but the pick of the whole EP for me is Acidspace, which is classic-style Chicago deep with a gurgling 303 and just a hint of that Berlin kinda vibe.

Out: Yesterday

About: This is the latest from 1Trax, which is probably my favourite imprint in the MN2s stable right now. Click here for the MN2S website.

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