Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Filipsson & Lindblad - Belfast

Not a cover of the Orbital track, no… as you'll know if you've already acquired the LP A Splendour In The Grass from which this is taken. Which you really ought to. All the cool kids have.

In single form, Belfast comes in three mixes: the Original from the album, plus rerubs by Sleazy McQueen and Ulysses. The original's a kind of deep house-meets-nu disco chugger, featuring a synth line that was driving me crazy cos I couldn't think what it reminded me of… until I remembered it was Pro-Gen by The Shamen. Add in some Ital/Balearic-sounding pi-pia-piano and there's a decidedly nostalgic feel to this one. I'm surprised there isn't a Beloved remix.

Instead, Ulysses mostly loses the ivories but bring forward the synth, while simultaneously giving the track a hefty dose of funk n' swagger, while Sleazy McQueen's Gabe Bass Mix (presumably not named after this Oklahama lawyer, but who knows?) by way of contrast ditches the synth and foregrounds the piano, and again ups the bottom-end welly.

Synths & pianos, mostly synths with more bass, or just piano with even more bass, then. The 'DH-meets-ND chugger' bit applies whichever one you go for.

Out: Today

About: This is on Nang, who along with sister label Tirk seem to be on a mission at the moment to bring you new releases with the same kinda frequency that Channel 5 brings you those annoying 'showbiz news' slots, ie every ten minutes. Not that a new Nang bullet isn't about a million times preferable to some vacuous stage school muppet bringing you the latest 'hot gossip' vis à vis the tedious Brangelina saga* or this week's Madonna baby. Anyway while I'm wittering on I'm keeping your from their website, and that's just rude. Sorry.

*Although, now we've touched on the subject, I'll say this to Mr Brad so-called Pitt, because I'm pretty certain he reads this. 1. You're a fool in any case because Jennifer is 10x the uber-honey the scary-mouthed Ms Jolie could ever be and 2. Have a good look at yourself on the front cover of today's Metro (or was it yesterday's?). You appear to be wearing some kind of Bob Marley-esque tam. Ask yourself: is this a good look for an IC1 male? Who isn't, y'know, Bob Marley? Clue: she's left you, hasn't she?


  1. Hi, the "Ulysses & Lindblad" remix is incorrectly attributed in the promo. The correct title is the "Ulysses Remix" since remix was only done by Ulysses.

  2. Okay thanks, corrected review accordingly!