Saturday, 27 February 2010

Various - United EP

The latest from Solomun's label Diynamic is this four-track sampler showcasing some new names – Julien Sandre, Furrr & Hazendok and Markus Homm - alongside the much better-known Acumen.

The artists involved come from France, Holland and Romania, but the overall feeling here is deep house that's roughly 2/3 Berlin to 1/3 San Francisco. Homm's rumbling Gone To Soon (sic) could certainly be thus described, anyway. Furrr & Hazendonk's Rupert is more on a West Coast kinda tip, with a little nod to Chicago – the kind of thing you might expect to hear on Salted or Loveslap! –while Acumen's Nice Victory is a touch more electronic and German-sounding.

But the killer cut for me here is Julian Sandre's Satisfaction, which comes on like classic handbag (think Full Intention's I Love America or Sister Bliss's Oh! What A World) put through a San Franciscan washing machine… it rocks, basically, and that walking bassline just doesn't stop. The overdubbed chunks of (posh female and sexy, sultry female) spoken vocals almost don't work, but then somehow they do as well… and that's what makes the tune, really. It's perhaps not as 'credible' as some of the other tracks here, but I defy anyone to sit still…

Out: Now (since Feb 22)

About: This is on Diynamic, as stated - click here for the website.

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