Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Kotey Extra Band - Hot Ring

Hmm, haven't had much nu-disco on here of late, so let's rectify that with this, the latest from Steve 'I'm also in Chicken Lips, don't you know?' Kotey.

Three mixes to pick from: the archetypally Bear Funk original, a slightly freakier (and slightly more house-ified) mix from Bottin or, my pick, the somewhat mellower and lusher Fernando Remix, complete with some great space disco synth stabs.

Not a lot to say really, it's just nu-disco innit? But it's cool. It's also apparently "inspired by the Riz Ortolani soundtrack for The Girl In The Yellow Pyjamas," though that means nothing to me, and it's gonna be followed by a Kotey Extra Band around Easter, which I do understand.

Out: Yesterday

About: This is on Kotey's own Bear Funk label and, as stated, fairly typical of the label's synth-tastic, Italo-influence take on the nu-disco genre. To get your browse on in a Bear Funk stylee, click here.

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