Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Danny Byrd feat Liquid - Sweet Harmony

It's not like Danny B or Hospital Records need any help from me, but what old cheesy quaver could resist this: the Liquid classic gets a 2010 in a liquid funk stylee!

There's actually two mixes: one in yer straight-up typical Hospital liquid style, plus a Jungle Mix which brings more of the old skool rave flavas. I'm loving both personally, even if the vocal IS too fast… if pushed I'll go for the Jungle Mix just cos of the Pavlovian response those rave airhorns induce!

Out: This week, and you can hear/buy it here.

About: Well, if you don't know about Hospital then you clearly don't like D&B so there's no point me banging on, so let's just post the obligatory link to their website, and then leave it at that. Except to point out, in a pointless trivia/six degrees of separation kinda spirit, that Danny Byrd's dad used to be iDJ's accountant, which I always though was quite amusing.

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