Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Moody Twin - Moody Twin EP Pt 2

One thing you could never accuse those Star-Fi Recordings boys of being is predictable. After lots of wonky techno-house fusions, they served up some deliciously old skool vibes on last month's I Am The Woodstar EP You R The Muzik and then here… well, where do I start?

Feel Like I Wanna Move is kind of quirky synthpop with a house underbelly, vaguely Hot Chip-ish I guess you could say. Jah Jah Tech is just slammin' if you like it deep: think early ’90s Larry Heard (the A Corner Called Jazz and On My Way era) going a bit dub around the edges. Metroplexual is chilled out Balearic nu-disco, and then finally Summer Sundown is tailormade for sunrise (!) sessions at some hypothetical early ’90s rave, with its mellow house grooves and a hefty sample from Bowa's classic Different Story.

Which is quite possibly, and entirely coincidentally, one of my favourite house records ever. And now I'm probably going to find out that the vocal's actually a Minnie Ripperton or Patrice Rushen sample or something, and look stupid. But fuck it, it's Bowa to me. At least I don't think it's from Infiltrate 202. Or Tiga. Or Freestylers. Anyway back to this EP, and yes, quality stuff all round, which is all the more impressive when you look at how varied the tracks are.

Out: This week

About: As stated this is on Star-Fi Recordings, which is Tim Stoakes and Steven Wood's own label. Tim n Woody… Moody Twin… see what they did there? Anyway, here's their website.

And seeing as we were on the subject, here's one of my favourite house records ever

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  1. Ha ha, I was right, I AM stupid. Turns out to be Candi Staton all along... thanks to Steven 'Woodstar' for putting me right.

    Still Bowa to me though.