Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Groove Assassin - Journeys EP

It's a pity this came to me quite late cos I'd have liked to get it into iDJ, but hey ho. That's what the blog's for, innitbludyagetmi?

So yes. Groove Assassin is one Nick Moss, who was formerly a Groove Assassin. By which I mean he used to be one-half of the Groove Assassins duo, who you may remember from stuff on Black Vinyl and Glasgow Underground back when we were still calling this "the new millennium" and arguing about were we really going to call it "the noughties"? What happened there I'm not sure* but now he's no longer a Groove Asssassin and simply Groove Assassin. Just so's we're clear.

Anyway I'll stop blathering on and tell you about this EP cos it's really very good y'know. Across five tracks, Mr Moss brings us a take on house music that's oozing soul without being wimpy, deep without losing sight of the dancefloor, classic-sounding without being dated and, er, other good stuff without any bad stuff. On Afrik Bounce and Fulani's Groove he even manages to bring in some strutting, syncopated African rhythms without going all tedious and noodly. Which most people don't seem to be able to manage.

My pick of the five tracks would be Back To Windy City, more of a straight-up deep affair than the rest, but it really is all good, as they say.

Out: This week

About: This is yet another bomb from the mighty Nite Grooves… can't give you a link cos normally it's Kingstreetsounds.com but it seems to be out of action at the mo'. Odd.

* About the duo-solo thing, I mean, not about calling it the noughties which we patently did.

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