Saturday, 6 February 2010

Daco - Aquarium EP

Right, I'm a bit confused, cos this is on PAPERrecordings, or Paper to be less arse-lickingly brand-tastic, and didn't the Paper crew come back as We Are Woodville? Mongo no understand.

Anyway if you like it deep and musical there's plenty to enjoy on this four-track EP, from the disco/lounge-style harmonised vox on the title track, which remind me of that ace middle bit in Sleeve & Lowman's classic So Fine, to the tripped-out late night atmospherics of Play Your Mind, via the 4hero-esque bruk beat horizontal-isms of Feel Your Love and the jazzy grooves of Something For You. Quality from start to finish, though Aquarium would be my pick of the bunch.

Out: Now, I think.

About: Paper was of course one of the leading labels in the British deep house or 'nu deep' scene of the mid-late ’90s. They closed their doors in 2001 or thereabouts, reemerged under the We Are Woodville alias but now appear to be back, back, BACK! and here's the website where you can catch up.

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