Monday, 8 February 2010

DJ Geri - Chords Of My Life

DJ Geri hails from Barcelona. He hosts a radio show called Trance State and the hype sheet for this boasts of his having played alongside Armin Van Buuren and Judge Jules.

Not sounding good so far, is it?

Don't let that put you off though cos what we actually have here are two quite acceptable slices of chunky prog, with enough funk in their bones to appeal to quite a lot of house DJs. Honestly! The two tracks in question are Chords Of My Life (obviously) and Spiritual, and for those moments where you need to give the dancefloor something a little more energetic, they could be just the ticket, even if prog isn't normally your bag (as it isn't mine).

Just proves you can't judge a book by its cover. Actually, I find you almost always can. But you can't judge a progressive house record by its accompanying press release. I can't really see that catching on as a saying, mind you.

Out: This week

About: This is on Plastic Fantastic, that home of all things proggy. I'll be honest, a lot of their stuff is too trancey for me, or too electro-y, or just too monotonous and full of mathematical chord progressions – it's a prog label after all. But they do enough decent stuff like this to that it's worth a listen to find out! For their website, click here.

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