Sunday, 21 February 2010

Markus Newton - Mocean EP

This EP from Hamburg's Markus Newton features four mixes of Swim, plus bonus track Automotion.

Deep, groovy tech-house is the order of the day. Swim is notable mainly for its spoken word samples with some dude talking about how "our music insists upon dancing"; across the four mixes (the rerubs come from Daniel Kyo, Dixie Yure and Tom Ellis) you'll find various elements from understated rave pianos to female vocal cut-ups to off-kilter jazz beats, but 'deep, groovy tech-house' pretty much covers it. Automotion, meanwhile, sounds like just AN Other German houser for its first 2:50 or so, then in come some lush Jersey-style organs and a "work that shit" vocal sample to turn it into a proper dancefloor delight for the deeper heads. You heard the man…

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About: This is on Flumo, a Spanish label you can read all about here. In Spanish.

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