Saturday, 27 February 2010

DJ Da - Victoria Matta

The Street King label was set up by King Street to put out more electronic-sounding house that wouldn't sit so easily on King Street or Nite Grooves. As a long-term fan of both it's no surprise then that most Street King output to date has left me cold; this, however, is probably the imprint's best to date.

King Street describe it as "for fans of Plastic City, Asad Rizvi, the tech side of Dennis Ferrer", and I'd say that's a fair enough assessment. Victoria Matta itself is a tough, electronic, slightly proggy groover that builds and builds to a proper brain-melting, big dark room crescendo in the middle. On the flip, Restart starts out as more of a low-slung, down n' dirty kind of affair, before introducing first layers of percussion, and then some ear-piercing synths.

Not sure I'd actually play either, to be honest, but both tracks are good examples of this genre of house and would go down a storm at (eg) DC10. Never let it be said that This Is Why We Dance is narrow-minded!

Out: Now

About: Well, we've just discussed Street King and its role in life, haven't we? But here's the King Street website if you want to find out more, or to HEAR THIS TRACK (go to Catalogue>Digital singles>Other labels)

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