Saturday, 27 February 2010

Coyu - D.E.G EP

After the Diynamic EP (below), here's another sometime Diynamic artist, Coyu, this time with a release on newbie label (this is their fifth release) 7 Oz.

The D.E.G EP gets off to a flying start just by having a picture of a Vespa on the label - I do like scooters, me - but that's not the end of the good news, thankfully. Put the needle on the record, as they say, and you'll find D.E.G is right lively little rumpshaker of a tune, funky and musical enough for house floors but upbeat and driving enough for techno floors too (I'd warrant, I'm not saying I've tried).

The original's all about the crisp beats, rumbling bass and eastern-sounding trumpets, the Brothers Vibe Vibed Piano Dub shouldn't need much explaining (and is my pick), and Matthias Mesteno's mix is a more understated, deep techno-ish kind of affair. Something for a range of jocks there, then.

Out: Now (but only since Monday)

About: Yeah, 7 Oz Records, then… not come across 'em before but they're in Rome and they've got a MySpace so go explore! Spanish producer Coyu, meanwhile, had releases last year on District Raw, Saved, Trapez, Liebe*Detail and 2020Vision, as well as on Diynamic as mentioned, so he's doing all right is the lad…

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