Saturday, 20 February 2010

Kaiserdisco - Early Bird EP

Three tracks of fairly typisch German post-minimal house/techno here. It's all quite chuggy, and the beats are quite nice and crunchy and, er, that's about as much as I've got to say, really.

On the downside, you've probably got 50 records that sound like this already. On the upside, well, this is as good as any of 'em, and you clearly like that sort of thing or you wouldn't have 50 records of it, would you?

Out: A few days ago (Feb 17)

About: Kaiserdisco are two bearded gentlemen from Hamburg called Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck. They've had previous releases on Micro.fon and (Traum Schallplatten offshoot) My Best Friend, and here's their MySpace. Das ist alles.

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