Tuesday, 2 February 2010

John Oudo - Work Me Over

Okay, your humble correspondent is v. tired due to lots of actual proper work and mucho commuting so excuse slight slowness of updates this week, but got a fair few goodies to tell you about… let's kick off with this, which is getting a full release this week having, I'm told, already shifted not a few units on Traxsource in promo form.

In its Main Vox Mix form, this is a traditional-style soulful house offering that wouldn't sound out of place on King Street. That's the mix I'm preferring for personal listening, but with my journo/blogger head on, perhaps more interesting are the Afro Vox and Afro Instrumental mixes. Interesting cos these could easily cross over onto UK funky floors and the inclusion of such rubs is is a definite trend in soulful house at the mo' (just like you had the obligatory bruk rubs five years ago). IN FACT, there's a whole article about exactly that in the next issue of iDJ so don't forget to grab a copy!

Anyway enough of the shameless plugs, back to this and there are some lovely chords and nicely counterpointed male and female vox, so yeah, definitely worth checking for all the soulful lovers!

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on Bigspin Music, which is John Oudo's own label. It would appear to be only the third release from the label so if you wanna be the first kid on your block to be hip to the Bigspin trip, amaze your family, astound your friends etc, then hit up their website forthwith.

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