Saturday, 6 February 2010

Sean Brosnan - Satjam

I had an email from Sean Brosnan a few weeks ago, very politely asking if he could send me a link to his new tune. Mr B, if they're all as good as this you can email me links all day long matey!

If you dig deep house and nu-disco (and if you're reading This Is Why We Dance I'm guessing you probably do) then you're gonna love Satjam, which sounds like it's been Touched By The Hand Of Dave, such is the lushness of its house-disco groove. Driven by a simple loping (yes loping, not looping) funk b-line, the Original comes complimented by remixes from disco veteran Ray Mang and new kid Eddie C. I'm liking the way Mr Mang brings in a little raw old-school house flava, I'm liking the full-phatness of the bassline on the Original, I'm liking the druggy, hypnotic, lazy feel of Eddie C's mix… basically, all three are wicked. Acquire this forthwith.

Out: This week (Monday Feb 8, to be precise)

About: This is on Needwant, which is a new UK label run by Sean himself, who describes the music policy as "somewhere between house and disco". They're only three releases old and the first one came from The Revenge, which is about as good a way to kick off a new label as you can get right now! More info at their website and MySpace.

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