Monday, 8 February 2010

Santiago Salazer - Your Club Went Hollywood

This is kind of like a deep house answer to Duque & Baxter's What Happened? (of which I got sent some corking new mixes a month or so back BTW but never had time to blog 'em), in that it has a similar (spoken) lyrical theme of damning commercial dance culture and yearning for a return to 'the underground'.

The original is a lush late-night deep houser, with a curiously stop-start shuffle to the beats that means they almost sound broken, though they aren't. S'nice. The Aaron Carl Remix is equally sumptuous, but this time with a more rolling, semi-Afro/Latin kinda beat, and has a breakdown in the middle with some great dancing-in-outer-space synths. You also get an acapella, plus the bonus cut Chela's Groove, which is an insistent instrumental affair with, again, a little Latin flava and some great Buck Rogers synth antics.

Out: Today

About: Santiago Salazar is also known as DJ S2, of Underground Resistance fame. And this comes atcha on Wallshaker Records, Aaron Carl's label out of Detroit. This is the first time I've come across Wallshaker but on this evidence I'd like to hear more. Funny how Detroit always did make some of the best house around; check out the Detroit Beatdown comps for a start. But I digress. To find out more about the shaking of walls in the Motor City, see their MySpace.

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