Saturday, 13 February 2010

Alif Tree - Clockwork Remixes Pt 2

Right, well I've not heard the Clockwork album or even the Remixes Pt 1 EP so I'm not really that qualified to comment on this one, to be honest. But just in passing, there's three rubs featured that are the winners of one of those remix competition thingies, and they come from newcomers (or relative newcomers) John Gazoo, Homegroove Project and Broke.

Of the three it's John Gazoo's steady deep house groove that's working best for me: nice solid warm-up or post-club tackle. The Homegroove Project is in more of a downtempo, cinematic kinda vein: it's okay but doesn't do much to really excite, though as I'm not much of a downtempo, cinematic kinda guy you may disagree if you are. And finally, Broke return to the house flavas with a mix that's so deep it's practically horizontal, but that will please the heads for sure. It's good but Gazoo's mix still just edges it for me.

Out: Now (a whole eight days ago in fact, I am getting slack, must try harder)

About: This is on Compost Black Label, one of my favourite labels of recent times, though this isn't their strongest release. Compost Records nu-jazz Munich deep house Michael Reinboth blah blah… sod it here's their website cos I'm sure you don't really need me to explain! That's not a diss BTW I'm just feeling a bit lackadaisical today.

Erm, as regards the artists, John Gazoo is apparently a latter-day mod from Dusseldorf, Broke are a pair of brothers and Homegroove Project are called Ian and Paul. Don't say I don't go in-depth for you here, people.

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