Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Forensics - Exile

Normally Forensics' weirded-out, scary take on dubstep is a bit TOO weirded-out and scary for me, which makes Exile a very pleasant surprise, cos this is a truly beautiful piece of music. Imagine what Portishead might sound like if they had Sheila Chandra singing for them, and you're somewhere in the right ballpark. It's been getting support from both Bobby Friction and Pathaan, apparently, which if you're gonna do this kind of eastern-flavoured vibes I guess is as good a recommendation as you can get.

Exile is out now and comes backed by Not Alone (VIP), which is in a more typical Forensics vein: dark, cinematic and broody. It's not hugely my cup of tea, but I CAN at least see the point...

About the label: This is on Eight:FX, which used to be Aphex Recordings. Not being the world's biggest dubstep fan (I do like it, I just don't know much about it), I don't know a lot about them but apparently they've had releases from the likes of Virus Syndicate and Hatcha. And, oh look, here's a website and a MySpace so you can find out more.

Also check out Forensics mixes here or his MySpace here

OH AND - cos I've just had an email from Forensics - here's a link to the Exile video

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