Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Dekoy - Colonel K

Sticking with the breaks-y bizniss for a minute (see also Silenta review, below), here we have what the press release is calling a 'tech funk' number. I guess that works as a description… I'd be more vague and put it in that currently quite fertile hinterland between house, breaks and electro… or you could call it 'warehouse' if you were in an iDJ kinda frame of mind. Or noughties big beat, if you were feeling particularly at home to Mr Cynical today.

Whatever you want to call it, it's got tons of energy, it's got in-your-face synth bass and, importantly, it's got Da Funk. Dekoy goes it alone on the A, but the flip is credited to Dekoy Vs Focuz, where a lot of the high-end squiggles get left out, making for what's basically a slightly more heads-down take on the same basic musical premise. Either will get booties shaking on dancefloors.

Jon Cooke and Rob Cullip, incidentally, is how Dekoy and Focuz are known to their mums, and from the biog I got sent, both seem to be reasonably new-ish, though Focuz is also part of Breakspoll-winning DJ crew Apply The Breaks ('Best breakthrough DJ', 2009). So good luck to 'em, keep the good shit like this coming lads.

About the label: This one's on Diverted Traffic, about whom I know diddly, so you'll have to hit up their MySpace to find out more.

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