Monday, 31 August 2009

DJ Dervish ft Jennifer Carbonell - Dance The Night Away

If you're not a UDD™, look away now... this is uplifting, peaktime vocal house with plenty of pia-pia-piano action that teeters right on the very brink of H** K**** cheese. To me it stays just about on the right side of the line but it's a close call.

There's also a remix from Reza, who had a load of stuff out on DTPM, Kidology, Nocturnal, Refunkt and others a few years back but seems to have gone a bit quiet of late. However, his mix is a bit too electro-fied for me so I'd stick to the World Of Colour and Kid Grooves rubs to be honest.

About the label: This comes atcha on Metrogroove, which is a little independent UK house label. And little independent UK house labels are one of my favourite things, so go visit their MySpace page whydon'tcha eh?

PS: UDD™? Unashamed Disco Dolly. Do keep up.

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