Sunday, 23 August 2009

G Thomas - Soul Chanter EP

Italy's DJ Sydney knows a thing or two about deep, techy house music, so the birth of his new label T0kyo Red is definitely a cause for celebration. This debut release is a three-track affair: Soul Chant in its Original Mix form will appeal to lovers of classic stripped-down Jersey garage and minimal/deep house alike with its relentless organ loop and chanted vox, Sydney himself delivers a Remix that's even deeper thanks to more restrained use of the percussion, and finally you've got Lost In The Jungle, which is an altogether glitchier, techier affair.

The Soul Chanter EP is out now.

About the label: As previously mentioned, Tokyo Red is a new label from DJ Sydney, he of Kebosh Records fame and an Italian/Slovenian correspondent for iDJ many years ago. The Soul Chanter EP is the label's first release, with Air Force One by Frank Caro & Frank Garcia to follow v. soon so watch this space! Oh yes, and here's the label's MySpace page.

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